Networking & Infrastructure

Sep-20-21 19:45:18
Oct-12-21 19:45:18
CPO / ቢድ ቦንድ ( % or Flat Fee): 0.00For BID Reference No AB-IT/05/2021/2022: – Birr 300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand) in the form of Bank Guarantee or Cashier’s Payment Order (C.P.O) For BID Reference No AB-IT/06/2021/2022: – Birr 350,000 (Three Hundred Fifty Thousand), for local bidders and USD 8,200.00 for foreign bidders and For BID Reference No AB-IT/07/2021/2022: – Birr 200,000 (TWO Hundred Thousand) for local bidders and USD 4,700 for foreign bidders
Sep-13-21 17:21:20
Oct-07-21 17:21:20